Saturday, January 19, 2008

2008 Going Great

Man we are off to a great start for 2008. Each year Paul and I set out goals that we want to accomplish for the year - financial, personal, spiritual and homefront. So far we have spent the last 3 weekends (the first 3 in 08) working on the homefront goals. Usually that's the set of goals which we never complete. We've worked on the other goals too it's just the homefront never gets done. Anyway below are the pictures of what we've done thus far.

Goal: To claim our land. Only 2/3 of our land was cleared when building our house. The remaining portion was left wooded. Somewhere at the back of our lot was our creek. Not a big one but a creek nonetheless. This was a 2007 goal never accomplished. We only made a path in 07. This year we've spent 2 Saturdays clearing land and one Saturday I spent 7 hours burning all that we cleared. We had a blast. Of course I have to thank my wonderful husband for building me my fire pit. Not sure how many women out there want a fire pit but I was one of them.

Before pictures

After pictures

My Firepit

Our Creek that we cleaned

Today's project was to get rid of the popcorn ceiling in our master bedroom. We were expecting snow and sleet so we thought it was a good inside project. We expected it to take 2 days but got the whole thing done in 1. Way to go Jenkins family.

Before pictures

After pictures

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please pray!!

I'm asking everyone to please pray for this family that we've never met. In some ways Paul and I feel so connected to them in what they are going through b/c of what we went through with Judah.

The short story [copied from other blogs] is Tricia was born w/Cystic Fibrosis & has spent her life in & out of hospitals. Lately she's gotten worse and needed to be placed on the double lung transplant list. Instead Tricia and Nate find themselves pregnant and chose not to abort but to put their trust in God (sound familiar anyone). Anyway, Tricia ended up having her daughter at 24 weeks (I think). This family needs our prayer for Tricia, the mom, so she can get better and have her lung transplant and Gwyneth, the daugther, b/c she's a premie. Check out Nate's websit for details. CFHusband.Blogspot.Com