Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2008 Year at a Glance starting with kitchen remodel

We were REALLY blessed in 2008 to accomplish so much in our lives, in our walk with Christ, in our finances and in our home. There's really no way to tell you all that we did but I can show you some of the house transformations. For those that do not know me well be warned. I do not understand that painting a room means chosing just 1 color and sticking to it. Most of my rooms have 2-6 colors in them with some sort of design just for the heck of it.

Kitchen before had just plain light brown or whatever it's called.
Afterwards there are 2 shades of green. The darker green is on top of the cabinets and the lighter green is underneath. To marry the 2 colors I put a series of stripes on the wall beside the sink. Accent color is red, of course, and various shades of green. In the pictures below you can see where the dark green stops in the dining room. The brown from the living room carries over into the dining room to meet the green. Originally I had red dining room furniture but hated it against the brown and green so I repainted it white again (well actually it was white then red and then white again). More rooms/projects to come on other posts.