Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tooth be Gone!!!

For those you just having a good laugh at our crazy household my son pulled his tooth out last night. I was ignoring the fact that it was loose and coming out b/c after all going to school for the first time is enough on a mom. But no in a fashion that as Paul says "He's yours" Judah worked and worked at that tooth until he had it dangling out of his mouth. Then he comes in "Mom my tooth is out but it's stuck." Not believing that he would pull it so fast I look and yep it's out and dangling by a bloody strand. Great, first school and now a tooth what's next. Oh yeah he's gotten rid of the training wheels and learning to ride without. There should be some kind of warning that when your child goes to school they super speed their growing/learning process. How am I doing? Shell shocked. Last night I kept walking around saying "I can't believe he's lost a tooth." The tears I did not share last week I'm sure will be shed this coming week or the next [Rebekah starts preschool on Sept 2nd]. Click here for some pictures and a video.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More 1st for week

I was okay with 1st day of school but to have your 1st loose tooth and 1st permanent tooth at the same time is not cool with the mother. About 1 week ago Judah showed us a loose tooth but it was barely moving so we thought we had time. But oh no this morning what do my wondering eyes appear. A tooth barely hanging on and another one right behind it already poking through. Enough with torturing mommy. I do NOT want to see my baby grow up this fast. I tried to take a picture but can't so I have a video instead that Paul will have to upload.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School, Mother doesn’t meltdown but Daughter does

Today is Judah’s first day of school. Paul and I feel so blessed that we had these past 5 years at home with the kids. I’ve spent these years pouring out, teaching, shaping and molding our son. This past week he passed all Kindergarten assessments to which his teacher said “Mom, you’ve done a great job!” It’s so nice to hear that all of our hard work has paid off.

Now for those that really want to know…Did I cry? I did a pretty good job of containing myself. Rebekah on the other hand did not. Below are the records for the day.


Time I got up this morning = 5:30am

# of times I’ve seen that time of the morning = ZERO

Time the kids got up this morning = 6:00am

# of times Paul tried to make me cry = too many to count

# of times Paul mocked me for wanting to cry = 45 minutes straight

# of times me wanting to cry in that 45 minutes = too many to count he kept trying to make me cry

# of times I prayed for safety at school = 1 really big long one

# of times I thanked God for allowing me these past 5 years at home with the kids = at least 5 on the way to school

# of pictures I took = 63 including videos

# of minutes I stayed at school = 25

# of things I kept remembering to tell his teacher so I wouldn’t have to leave = too many to count

# of times Judah wanted to leave with us = ZERO

# of times he cared we were leaving = ZERO

# of times I wanted to grab Judah and take him home with me = 1 but Rebekah’s meltdown [see below] began so I was carrying and running away with the younger child.

# of times I swallowed back tears and couldn’t speak from wanting to cry = at least 20

# of times Rebekah looked over at Judah’s empty car seat = at least 12


# of times tears actually left the eyes and ran down the cheeks = ZERO

# of meltdowns = 1 Rebekah not mommy. Rebekah wanted to stay with Judah and had to be carried out of school crying. That is probably THE only reason I did not cry.

You can click here for some more pictures of this momentous occasion.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rebekah's prayers just keep going unanswered

Okay tonight Rebekah says another winning prayer that started with praying away the rain and asking for the sun to come out again. That one is being answered but she continues by praying for it never to be bedtime. Sorry kid that ain't happening.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids say or pray the funniest things

Tonight at dinner my son volunteered to pray first (rarely happens). His prayer was "Dear Jesus, thank you for my food. Help me to obey my mommy and daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. In Jesus name Amen." To which my daughter replied "Dear Jesus, help my brother eat my food. In Jesus name Amen."

For the record I did not make Judah pray this way and have no clue where he got this idea to pray for obedience but I was definitely saying a LOT of Amens. Rebekah on the other hand - her prayer was not answered. Judah didn't eat her dinner so she fed it to our neighbor's cat instead. Our cats know better than to eat our food.

Second conversation that had me in stitches.
Judah has the uncanny nack for asking me questions to which I do not know the answer to like how many houses are in the US, how long will I live, and so forth. Today on the way home from the gym Rebekah was asking Judah how many babies are in the world. To which he was responding "I don't know, how am I suppose to know that, why are you asking me something I don't know, will you please be quiet so I can think." I died laughing Rebekah was firing the questions as fast a Judah usually fires them at me. Judah was getting as frustrated as I normally get when he fires them at me.