Friday, June 08, 2007

Myrtle Beach

Angela and the Dynamic Duo took a little adventure down to Myrtle Beach back in May to visit one of Angela's best friends and her family. I'm noticeably absent because, well, I wasn't there. Had to save my vacation time for our annual trip to Emerald Isle later that month. You can click HERE to see part of the trip.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Replenishing Our Supply

Back in May we took the kids on their 2nd annual Strawberry Picking. (This event will be annual until they move out whether they like it or not.) Angela actually took them twice this year, though I only made it for one of the trips. While it was a bit cold for early May, we still had fun, didn't eat too many berries while picking, and Angela took some great shots like the one below. (Pretty much anytime you see a great shot in any of our pages it was her taking it. I'm the tech person; she's the photographer.) As always, click HERE to see more of this outing.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Judah's 4th Birthday

We had a great day for Judah's 4th birthday party. This was really the first year he was old enough to be able to know what friends he wanted to come, what cake/theme he wanted (Dora), and what he wanted - a bike.
Fortunately, we were able to deliver. Now, when it's a car someday instead of a bike, well, I'll direct him to a good paying job. In the meantime, click HERE for some more pictures.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Back in February, Angela and I had the privilege of attending her brother's wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado. While we expected the trip to be a bit nippy since it is the Rockies in the dead of winter, we didn't expect 0 to be the about the high. (I don't want to talk about the wind chill - even now on a NC summer day I still get cold thinking about it.) Anyway, we took a couple pictures of the festivities. You can click HERE to see them. Sorry, no commentary yet, so I hope they speak for themselves!