Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tooth be Gone!!!

For those you just having a good laugh at our crazy household my son pulled his tooth out last night. I was ignoring the fact that it was loose and coming out b/c after all going to school for the first time is enough on a mom. But no in a fashion that as Paul says "He's yours" Judah worked and worked at that tooth until he had it dangling out of his mouth. Then he comes in "Mom my tooth is out but it's stuck." Not believing that he would pull it so fast I look and yep it's out and dangling by a bloody strand. Great, first school and now a tooth what's next. Oh yeah he's gotten rid of the training wheels and learning to ride without. There should be some kind of warning that when your child goes to school they super speed their growing/learning process. How am I doing? Shell shocked. Last night I kept walking around saying "I can't believe he's lost a tooth." The tears I did not share last week I'm sure will be shed this coming week or the next [Rebekah starts preschool on Sept 2nd]. Click here for some pictures and a video.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More 1st for week

I was okay with 1st day of school but to have your 1st loose tooth and 1st permanent tooth at the same time is not cool with the mother. About 1 week ago Judah showed us a loose tooth but it was barely moving so we thought we had time. But oh no this morning what do my wondering eyes appear. A tooth barely hanging on and another one right behind it already poking through. Enough with torturing mommy. I do NOT want to see my baby grow up this fast. I tried to take a picture but can't so I have a video instead that Paul will have to upload.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School, Mother doesn’t meltdown but Daughter does

Today is Judah’s first day of school. Paul and I feel so blessed that we had these past 5 years at home with the kids. I’ve spent these years pouring out, teaching, shaping and molding our son. This past week he passed all Kindergarten assessments to which his teacher said “Mom, you’ve done a great job!” It’s so nice to hear that all of our hard work has paid off.

Now for those that really want to know…Did I cry? I did a pretty good job of containing myself. Rebekah on the other hand did not. Below are the records for the day.


Time I got up this morning = 5:30am

# of times I’ve seen that time of the morning = ZERO

Time the kids got up this morning = 6:00am

# of times Paul tried to make me cry = too many to count

# of times Paul mocked me for wanting to cry = 45 minutes straight

# of times me wanting to cry in that 45 minutes = too many to count he kept trying to make me cry

# of times I prayed for safety at school = 1 really big long one

# of times I thanked God for allowing me these past 5 years at home with the kids = at least 5 on the way to school

# of pictures I took = 63 including videos

# of minutes I stayed at school = 25

# of things I kept remembering to tell his teacher so I wouldn’t have to leave = too many to count

# of times Judah wanted to leave with us = ZERO

# of times he cared we were leaving = ZERO

# of times I wanted to grab Judah and take him home with me = 1 but Rebekah’s meltdown [see below] began so I was carrying and running away with the younger child.

# of times I swallowed back tears and couldn’t speak from wanting to cry = at least 20

# of times Rebekah looked over at Judah’s empty car seat = at least 12


# of times tears actually left the eyes and ran down the cheeks = ZERO

# of meltdowns = 1 Rebekah not mommy. Rebekah wanted to stay with Judah and had to be carried out of school crying. That is probably THE only reason I did not cry.

You can click here for some more pictures of this momentous occasion.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rebekah's prayers just keep going unanswered

Okay tonight Rebekah says another winning prayer that started with praying away the rain and asking for the sun to come out again. That one is being answered but she continues by praying for it never to be bedtime. Sorry kid that ain't happening.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids say or pray the funniest things

Tonight at dinner my son volunteered to pray first (rarely happens). His prayer was "Dear Jesus, thank you for my food. Help me to obey my mommy and daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. In Jesus name Amen." To which my daughter replied "Dear Jesus, help my brother eat my food. In Jesus name Amen."

For the record I did not make Judah pray this way and have no clue where he got this idea to pray for obedience but I was definitely saying a LOT of Amens. Rebekah on the other hand - her prayer was not answered. Judah didn't eat her dinner so she fed it to our neighbor's cat instead. Our cats know better than to eat our food.

Second conversation that had me in stitches.
Judah has the uncanny nack for asking me questions to which I do not know the answer to like how many houses are in the US, how long will I live, and so forth. Today on the way home from the gym Rebekah was asking Judah how many babies are in the world. To which he was responding "I don't know, how am I suppose to know that, why are you asking me something I don't know, will you please be quiet so I can think." I died laughing Rebekah was firing the questions as fast a Judah usually fires them at me. Judah was getting as frustrated as I normally get when he fires them at me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paint + Children = MEEESSSS

Okay I'm working on different house projects and painting Judah's treehouse so I understand that toys are everywhere and nothing is where it should be. In fact the ONLY clean room is my master bath which I refuse to let anyone use in case they mess that up. While I'm working on all these projects my darling children are all over me and hang out in whatever room I'm painting/redecorating. This day (7/25) it was Judah's treehouse. I'm priming it for paint. I am polite and share my space with my kids with 1 rule. Only 1 instruction, only 1 thing to remember. Don't touch or come near the paint or the drop cloth. It's off limits. I'm working along and next thing I see causes me to let out the loudest, shrillest blood curling scream I've ever heard. I didn't know I could do such a thing. I didn't know I'd SEE such a thing. So here it is for the world to see.

What I saw is my daughter covered in paint, the floor, the chair, the dress and THE BODY all in white paint. Everywhere. I pick her up by 1 leg and 1 arm and carry her to my tub. I tell my son to sit on the toilet so he won't get in the mess. I clean up the floor (thank you lord) and the chair. While I'm cleaning up Rebekah, Judah tells me that Rebekah got paint on him. I think that's odd since he wasn't even in the room. I look and sure enough he has paint on his arm and leg, big spots. I look at Rebekah who says with a straight face "Judah told me to do it". I look at Judah who says nothing, my jaw is on the floor. I ask Rebekah what did he say. "Rebekah, step in the paint." I look at Judah and he calmly, politely says "Yes, I said that." They were so sweet and innocent looking and calm that I ran from the room so they wouldn't see me laugh. Judah got Rebekah to step in the paint and took off out of the room before I saw it. Then when I screamed he came in and had said to me "What is it mom?"

What's even funnier is my brother (thanks Nerd) did that to me growing up. He'd come up w/ the craziest stuff and get me to do it with him but would take off before my parents saw it and leave me holding the bag. Both Rebekah and Judah look like my brother and my baby pictures so at time looking at them is like seeing us when we were kids. Man, I'm not sure how my parents held it together with us. I called Paul who's response was "Why do I have to reap what you did to your mom and dad?" Yep what goes around comes around. Read it and weep children; your day is coming.

BTW these pictures are after I spent 30 minutes scrubbing my child. I couldn't get the paint off. I didn't take any of the actual event b/c I was running to clean.

Judah's treehouse

One of our current house projects is re-doing Judah's room. He's 5 and starting school so as a way of celebrating we let him choose a theme and we do the room. He chose a jungle theme so we decided to build a tree and put his bed on stilts or in the air. This is a slow project and thus far we only have the tree constructed.

The tree is from floor to ceiling. On the inside it's has shelves from floor to ceiling to store all the lovely toys that I can't stand to see laying around. The floor is hardwood. The ceiling and part of the shelves are painted dark brown to look like the inside of the tree. We are adding some outlets and 1 lightswitch to run lights (waiting on the electrician to do it). We have lighted dragonflies to hang from the ceiling and a light for the inside. The inside walls will be painted a lighter brown and the edge of the shelves to resemble the veins of a tree. There is enough room inside for 2 kids to sleep inside which is where our kids currently choose to sleep or for adults and kids to play. You can click here for a few pictures. Outside of the tree will eventually be decorated to resemble a tree just haven't had time to do it yet.

BTW at the same time we are constructing Judah's room we are painting the rest of the house. Our 2008 goals will be done if it kills us.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prayer Request

I'm asking for all our readers to pray for a family that we've walked with in the blogging world. Follow the link below and join us in prayer for this amazing young family. Their faith and testimony has touched millions and it's been an honor to pray for and walk with them. Thanks and God bless.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grandparents here's the swimming lessons....

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins the kids got swimming lessons for their birthdays. This was the first week which went pretty good. Rebekah is like a fish in the water - the first night she ran into to pool and went straight under water. Judah on the other hand thinks swimming involves the behind up in the air and pushing his friends in the water. Ugghhh. Below are pictures.

First Fruits or Vegetable that is.

Here's the first vegetable we've gotten from our HUGE garden. For the record Paul was right (yes I admit it) we had WAAAAY to many plants for such a small space. I've had to prune the garden 2x already. Oh well I just hope we get lots for veggies.

This is how the garden looked 5 days ago. It's tripled the size now.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fun, Sun, Friends and Gardening what more could a girl want?

This has been a wonderful spring day. After dropping Judah off at preschool Rebekah and I went to a MOPS playdate at a local park. The kids had a wonderful time. Once we came home the kids and I finished our garden and played outside for awhile. Even the cats got involved. My poor flowerbed; I'm just not sure it will survive the 2 cats playing hide and seek.

The garden consists of 4 tomatoe plants, 4 cauliflower, 4 yellow squash, 4 cucumber, and 8 zuchini. I'll try to take more pictures as it continues to grow. If you have any gardening tips let me know. My husband's first tip is to plant less plants next year. We'll see who's right.

Spring Fun outdoors

Our cats Ariel and Anatasia and Anastasia again. Hiding in the flowerbed. Notice how Anastasia is sitting on my lillies so much for that plant.

Here's pictures of the flowerbed - my columbine, star gazers (I think that's what they are called), lillies and a bush. Last year the bush plant (forgot the name) was no bigger than a twig so we kept it up front since it was a lowing plant. This year something made it grow into the biggest thing we've ever seen and it's taking over. It's also the thing that the cats love to hide in.

AND last but not least I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother. SO Happy Birthday Nerd! I'm glad it's been a good one. We love you!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Son!

To my precious son...

You are growing up faster than I can catch my breath. Your love for the world around you makes me want to look again and see with fresh eyes. Your laughter makes me want to know why you laugh. Your hugs and kisses are the highlight of a mother's heart. You are our precious son and one in whom we feel blessed to have. Years ago when God named you he declared that you would praise him all the days of your life and our only prayer for you is that God's promise is fulfilled soon. May you know and praise the God who gave you to us as a gift for a time for a season. Happy Birthday Judah.
We took a couple (over 250) pictures at your party. Some of the highlights can be found at Flickr by clicking here. Here's a couple of the pics:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soccer Time!

Finally we have a good NON-rain Saturday for Judah's soccer game. Every other Saturday since the season began has had rain, sleet, or clouds about to drop open. Here's a look at what soccer weekends are suppose to look like. Judah and Rebekah were even blessed to have their grandparents over.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Update on the Trailblazing

We've managed to spend some more time trying to tame our part of nature. We cut down an additional 40 - 50 trees, most pretty small, cleared some more briars, and have begun raking up the decades of leaves in varying degrees of decompostion. Hopefully, we'll get a couple more rounds in before growing season kicks into gear and the briars and undergrowth start fighting back.
Things we have left to do before the end of April: Cut up and burn all those trees, take a dozen or so trips to the landfill to get rid of the briars and other brush we don't want to burn, get all those annoying little stumps ground up so kids can run free without impaling themselves (never a good thing).

Wish us luck! Or better yet, let us know a weekend you'll be sitting around wishing you had something to.

Friday, February 01, 2008

We have snow in NC!!!!!

Okay, it's snow but not the kind you are thinking of - but to the kids it was snow. Today's forecast was cold and rainy so what is a mom to do? Playdate time!! We invited the Forwards over for a visit. The kids had a great time playing in the castle (thanks Jenny) and soon wanted a boat. Creativity of mothers around me rubbed off and before you know it I found a box for the kids to sit in. Only later would I realized that I had not thought things through carefully.

Here's the boat for the kids to sit in. Looks so innocent right!?!

Here's Judah pushing the boat or trying to with all the weight.

Here's where it started to "SNOW". The bottom of the box was covered in white foam that if little kids tore off would breakdown into hundreds of little white pieces of snow. Of course the kids discovered that small detail that mommy didn't notice and began to screaming it's snowing as they threw hundreds of little pieces of snow all over the place. Here are the wonderful pictures.

Here's the aftermath which demolished the boat and took me 45 minutes to clean my house. Kids had it from one end to the other and all over themselves. Too funny and what a wonderful rainy day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2008 Going Great

Man we are off to a great start for 2008. Each year Paul and I set out goals that we want to accomplish for the year - financial, personal, spiritual and homefront. So far we have spent the last 3 weekends (the first 3 in 08) working on the homefront goals. Usually that's the set of goals which we never complete. We've worked on the other goals too it's just the homefront never gets done. Anyway below are the pictures of what we've done thus far.

Goal: To claim our land. Only 2/3 of our land was cleared when building our house. The remaining portion was left wooded. Somewhere at the back of our lot was our creek. Not a big one but a creek nonetheless. This was a 2007 goal never accomplished. We only made a path in 07. This year we've spent 2 Saturdays clearing land and one Saturday I spent 7 hours burning all that we cleared. We had a blast. Of course I have to thank my wonderful husband for building me my fire pit. Not sure how many women out there want a fire pit but I was one of them.

Before pictures

After pictures

My Firepit

Our Creek that we cleaned

Today's project was to get rid of the popcorn ceiling in our master bedroom. We were expecting snow and sleet so we thought it was a good inside project. We expected it to take 2 days but got the whole thing done in 1. Way to go Jenkins family.

Before pictures

After pictures