Sunday, October 08, 2006

The 4th of July

Like so many other communities, every year the Clevland Community has a parade on the 4th of July. We've made it to every one since we moved to this area. As the fastest growing community in the state of North Carolina, we have more people coming, and I think in a couple years they'll have to make it a little longer than the current 200 - 300 yards in length. One of the big attractions, for my son THE BIG attraction, is the parade of fire trucks. For a little more about our day, just click here.


sharon said...


I just recently started blogging, and I love the layout of yours. Is it a template? How did you get the pictures and posts on one side and the links and previous posts on the other? mine don't line up. I know as a mom of 3 myself that you have better things to do than respond to this, I just thought you could shed some light.

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

sharon, thanks for the kind words. I am using a template. Blogger is in the process of updating to a new version, which I think is both good and bad. To set up a template (or "layout" in the new version), access your Dashboard. If you don't know where that is, click on your profile on your blog, then click Home on your profile page. This should take you to your Dashboard.

From there you have the option to Manage your blog. Specifically, you want to click Template (or Layout). This blog uses Template "No. 897", but there's a bunch out there and they'll all do essentially what you want.

Beyond that, I'd just play around with the Settings to see what you like. Putting the links in on the right side of the screen took a thimble full of HTML-knowledge. If HTML scares you I can try to give specific advice. If it doesn't, click Template and wade through the code until you find the "empty" links, then just type your links over them.

Blogger does have a good help section, but I don't mind helping another blogger so feel free to ask more questions. And good luck! (Oh, 1 question - how did you come across this blog? just curious)