Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Replenishing Our Supply

Back in May we took the kids on their 2nd annual Strawberry Picking. (This event will be annual until they move out whether they like it or not.) Angela actually took them twice this year, though I only made it for one of the trips. While it was a bit cold for early May, we still had fun, didn't eat too many berries while picking, and Angela took some great shots like the one below. (Pretty much anytime you see a great shot in any of our pages it was her taking it. I'm the tech person; she's the photographer.) As always, click HERE to see more of this outing.

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Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

For the record the ONLY reason you see one person doing the grunt work is b/c the OTHER person is taking the pictures. I did grunt work too but no one took my picture. Beside I looked horrible that day. haha