Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Judah's treehouse

One of our current house projects is re-doing Judah's room. He's 5 and starting school so as a way of celebrating we let him choose a theme and we do the room. He chose a jungle theme so we decided to build a tree and put his bed on stilts or in the air. This is a slow project and thus far we only have the tree constructed.

The tree is from floor to ceiling. On the inside it's has shelves from floor to ceiling to store all the lovely toys that I can't stand to see laying around. The floor is hardwood. The ceiling and part of the shelves are painted dark brown to look like the inside of the tree. We are adding some outlets and 1 lightswitch to run lights (waiting on the electrician to do it). We have lighted dragonflies to hang from the ceiling and a light for the inside. The inside walls will be painted a lighter brown and the edge of the shelves to resemble the veins of a tree. There is enough room inside for 2 kids to sleep inside which is where our kids currently choose to sleep or for adults and kids to play. You can click here for a few pictures. Outside of the tree will eventually be decorated to resemble a tree just haven't had time to do it yet.

BTW at the same time we are constructing Judah's room we are painting the rest of the house. Our 2008 goals will be done if it kills us.

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brandiandboys said...

i SO want to live in that room. definitely not showing those pictures to my boys... they'd create a project for me!

can't wait to see the finished pictures!