Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paint + Children = MEEESSSS

Okay I'm working on different house projects and painting Judah's treehouse so I understand that toys are everywhere and nothing is where it should be. In fact the ONLY clean room is my master bath which I refuse to let anyone use in case they mess that up. While I'm working on all these projects my darling children are all over me and hang out in whatever room I'm painting/redecorating. This day (7/25) it was Judah's treehouse. I'm priming it for paint. I am polite and share my space with my kids with 1 rule. Only 1 instruction, only 1 thing to remember. Don't touch or come near the paint or the drop cloth. It's off limits. I'm working along and next thing I see causes me to let out the loudest, shrillest blood curling scream I've ever heard. I didn't know I could do such a thing. I didn't know I'd SEE such a thing. So here it is for the world to see.

What I saw is my daughter covered in paint, the floor, the chair, the dress and THE BODY all in white paint. Everywhere. I pick her up by 1 leg and 1 arm and carry her to my tub. I tell my son to sit on the toilet so he won't get in the mess. I clean up the floor (thank you lord) and the chair. While I'm cleaning up Rebekah, Judah tells me that Rebekah got paint on him. I think that's odd since he wasn't even in the room. I look and sure enough he has paint on his arm and leg, big spots. I look at Rebekah who says with a straight face "Judah told me to do it". I look at Judah who says nothing, my jaw is on the floor. I ask Rebekah what did he say. "Rebekah, step in the paint." I look at Judah and he calmly, politely says "Yes, I said that." They were so sweet and innocent looking and calm that I ran from the room so they wouldn't see me laugh. Judah got Rebekah to step in the paint and took off out of the room before I saw it. Then when I screamed he came in and had said to me "What is it mom?"

What's even funnier is my brother (thanks Nerd) did that to me growing up. He'd come up w/ the craziest stuff and get me to do it with him but would take off before my parents saw it and leave me holding the bag. Both Rebekah and Judah look like my brother and my baby pictures so at time looking at them is like seeing us when we were kids. Man, I'm not sure how my parents held it together with us. I called Paul who's response was "Why do I have to reap what you did to your mom and dad?" Yep what goes around comes around. Read it and weep children; your day is coming.

BTW these pictures are after I spent 30 minutes scrubbing my child. I couldn't get the paint off. I didn't take any of the actual event b/c I was running to clean.

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