Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tooth be Gone!!!

For those you just having a good laugh at our crazy household my son pulled his tooth out last night. I was ignoring the fact that it was loose and coming out b/c after all going to school for the first time is enough on a mom. But no in a fashion that as Paul says "He's yours" Judah worked and worked at that tooth until he had it dangling out of his mouth. Then he comes in "Mom my tooth is out but it's stuck." Not believing that he would pull it so fast I look and yep it's out and dangling by a bloody strand. Great, first school and now a tooth what's next. Oh yeah he's gotten rid of the training wheels and learning to ride without. There should be some kind of warning that when your child goes to school they super speed their growing/learning process. How am I doing? Shell shocked. Last night I kept walking around saying "I can't believe he's lost a tooth." The tears I did not share last week I'm sure will be shed this coming week or the next [Rebekah starts preschool on Sept 2nd]. Click here for some pictures and a video.


Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...


I am so sorry I have not responded. We are not regularly at C3 right now, and if you read my blog (which I just recently posted) you will see why. But, I am so sorry for your loss. We actually have a cat we are needing to find a home for. I am not as attached to this cat, so it will not be as hard. Since we are selling our house, and I know some people are coming that are allergic to cats, and we will have to give him away eventually... we have decided now is better than later.

So anyway, I wish I had been there last Saturday night. I needed to have a real conversation with someone last weekend. Going to this church plant is fun... but I do not do life with anyone there yet, so it is hard. Anyway keep me updated. I think I have an email link on my blog if you ever want to email me.

Crystal Nichols said...

Girl, I know how you feel! With Christopher in kindergarten, life has truly changed. Thanks for sharing!