Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids say or pray the funniest things

Tonight at dinner my son volunteered to pray first (rarely happens). His prayer was "Dear Jesus, thank you for my food. Help me to obey my mommy and daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. In Jesus name Amen." To which my daughter replied "Dear Jesus, help my brother eat my food. In Jesus name Amen."

For the record I did not make Judah pray this way and have no clue where he got this idea to pray for obedience but I was definitely saying a LOT of Amens. Rebekah on the other hand - her prayer was not answered. Judah didn't eat her dinner so she fed it to our neighbor's cat instead. Our cats know better than to eat our food.

Second conversation that had me in stitches.
Judah has the uncanny nack for asking me questions to which I do not know the answer to like how many houses are in the US, how long will I live, and so forth. Today on the way home from the gym Rebekah was asking Judah how many babies are in the world. To which he was responding "I don't know, how am I suppose to know that, why are you asking me something I don't know, will you please be quiet so I can think." I died laughing Rebekah was firing the questions as fast a Judah usually fires them at me. Judah was getting as frustrated as I normally get when he fires them at me.

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